Demonstrating the Power of Platinum

The Atlanta branch of Careerbuilder a recognized that there were a handful a companies that did a significantly large amount of business on a consistent basis. The company wanted to find a way to cater services to these businesses and show them how valuable they were. Careerbuilder had already created an exclusive website with written resources and links to helpful content, but they wanted to do something a little more creative and eye-catching.

Integrating Training Video into the Platinum Presentation

It was decided that using training video would be an excellent way to add visual interest and educational value to their Platinum portal. With training video, Careerbuilder could avoid using several pages of text to explain the benefits of features of their premier account service. It was also beneficial to have interactive media that they could share over email, their website, and through social media.

Actors? Who Needs Actors?

Careerbuilder also decided to use actual employees for their videos, which is a slight departure from traditional promotional and training video. In this case, however, it had some important benefits. Platinum clients are now able to see and hear the actual account representatives that they will be talking to should they ever need to contact the company. Additionally, they can rest assured that their dedicated representative will always be knowledgeable about their account.

Saving Time and Resources with Training Video

With training video, clients also have the added benefit of answering frequently asked questions and solving common issues without ever having to contact a representative. Clients are empowered to train during a time that is most convenient to them. Consequently, the client becomes more satisfied with their accounts and Careerbuilder has seen their productivity rise.