Desiring a Stronger Brand

IBG was faced with a typical dilemma. Their clients trust them and recognize them as the builder of sustainable housing throughout Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia. They are best known for demolishing dilapidated housing projects and erecting beautiful, mixed income buildings in their place. Their service to the various communities in Atlanta is undeniable and their finished work improves property value.

The Problem of Offering Multiple Services

However, most businesses in Atlanta were not aware that erecting new housing was only a small part of what IBG had to offer. IBG is a one-stop destination for every stage of construction involved with both planning and completing and new building project. Something had to be done to take advantage of this opportunity that was merely laying on the table.

Conveying a Clear Message with Promotional Video

The company hired Smart Aleck Films to create a promotional video that shows the full extent of what IBG can do. We quickly got to work on profiling their ideal customer, structuring their message, and planning the shoot. The goal was to show potential clients the progress of a typical project and demonstrate the various stages of construction.