Coordinating Vendor Training and Maintenance Staff

McCarthy was faced with a familiar problem. As the main contractor responsible for the new building construction, they had to make sure that the Georgia State Maintenance staff was appropriately trained on the various infrastructure machinery and components of the new building. To that end, McCarthy scheduled the vendors of those various components to train the Georgia State staff as soon as their component was ready.

The Challenge of Conflicting Schedules

However, there was no way to have the the majority of the Georgia State maintenance staff show up for weeks and weeks of training without sacrificing the safety and efficiency of the rest of the campus. The maintenance staff had busy people who were now faced with juggling the crucial need to to be trained on a new facility with the day-to-day surprises of their existing jobs. It was quickly concluded that having the full attention of the entire staff for several hours on end was an extremely unrealistic request.

The Solution: Put the Training on Video

McCarthy decided to bring in Smart Aleck Films to film the vendor training sessions throughout a seven week period. With the confidence of having every training on video, Georgia State was able to send a few maintenance staff members to training each day while maintaining the number of staff needed for other locations.

Boosting Efficiency with Training Video

After the training sessions were completed, a DVD training video library was created for the maintenance staff and the building’s administrative faculty. The benefits of this video training were immediately apparent; new employees that may come later get the same exact training that was delivered initially and existing employees are able to refresh themselves on concepts and procedures that they may have forgotten over time.