Pidplates Brings Something New to the U.S.

The only problem is that no one has ever heard of them. While common overseas in countries like Germany and Britain, the United States has yet to be exposed to this unique product. Sure, there are few products that come close, but none have the ease of use that Pidplates boasts.

Penetrating the Atlanta Market with Video

The Pidplates U.S. director turned to Smart Aleck Films to conceptualize a television commercial that would clearly illustrate the potential of this product while targeting the desired demographic in the Atlanta metro area. After laying down from rough sketches, the director was pleased with what we had to offer and we began shooting.

Highlighting the Product with a Commercial Video

We wanted to show the product as a luxury accessory that enhances the beauty of the automobile. To that effect, we made some artistic decisions to replicate the feel of a luxury car commercial. We focused on creating a sense of exclusivity with this product video, and the Pidplates director was pleased with the result.

Pidplates Reveals a Slick Commercial